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Water Sewer Rate Study
Waste Water Plant & Rates:


Just the facts…


We are about two months away from the completion of the new, $8.35 million, Waste Water Treatment Plant. The great news is, with proper maintenance, this state-of-the-art facility will last 40+ years and give our Village the ability to expand. We are also going to be updating the critical infrastructure you cannot see; i.e. underground water and sewer lines over the next several years.


However, this comes at a cost. Village Council contacted RCAP to perform a rate study for the Village of West Alexandria to make sure proper billing adjustments are made to meet the demands of the new plant and infrastructure requirements.  This billing adjustment is necessary and will be implemented in three-phases to the current water and sewer rates.

We have developed a excel spreadsheet to help you see exactly how YOUR bill will be impacted.  Our Mayor, as well as Council, realize increasing costs will never be well received, but our goal is to be as transparent and informative as possible.  Edit and only use cell L3 for adjusting the usage. It will be defaulted at 3,500

What is next...


1. Posting a document on Water Conservation in the home.

2. A breakdown of the costs for the new facility and predictive and preventative needs.

3. Upon completion of the plant we will schedule public tours for anyone interested.

    (Once CDC guidelines allow us due to the COVID-19 pandemic)  


Please feel free to share this post and information, along with future postings. Getting ‘just the facts’ and as much data in the hands of our customers (the residents) is our goal!


(Disclaimer: all rate data provided is only "proposed rates" and subject to Council approval in a public meeting)

Contact us with questions or concerns.

Thanks! Message sent.

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